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17 May 2007 @ 07:22 am
no real reason for such a subject line
read a few good blurbs from blogs lately
heard some well written, decently read blurbs too
decided i've neglected my Journal far too long
and so we're back with another news bulletin!

so where was i?

the first season of the NBC show Heroes is winding to a close

so masterfully written and produced - foreshadowing is key

early episodes littered with clues, hints, and Herrings of various colors

most enjoyable, most most most

no ladies in a specific sense, but we're working on that

trying to be more outgoing

less intimidated by the fairer sex

and i think the Universe is trying to help...
like in the Alchemist, i've taken the route of aligning my inner compass with that of the Heart of the World, in the faithful hope that the cosmos will endeavor to assist me in the attainment of TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION... er, i mean HAPPINESS... and i think it's working

i got groped on Tuesday Night

girls i've "spoken" to online are actually responsive

CUTE girls... maybe even Beautiful Women

things are on the up up up I would have to say

writing again, slowly (as always) but surely (as ever)

playing music - NEW GUITAR, soooo hawt

Red B.C. Rich Warlock, effing badass

work is good. can't complain.

the crush is friendly, very nice

so it is my esteemed intention to continue the Journal

to be less forgetful of updating over the most mundane triviality

to be more proactive about throwing out ideas to the universe

Want to be Happy? Wealthy? Wise? Check my Journal! I have answers!

but seriously Folks, i can offer you a 12-Step Plan that ends with what the grekos called Eudaimonia. Got Fulfilled Contentment? Want it?
29 March 2007 @ 07:47 pm
Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Masked Inferno
Your Superpower is Soul Sold to Devil
Your Weakness is Women
Your Weapon is Your Gravity Spike
Your Mode of Transportation is Portal
Current Mood: crazycrazy
25 February 2007 @ 10:18 am

that happens to be my favorite answer to the question "How's it goin?"

anyway, this past week the dude paid five dollars and they gave he dude his plates back, so now i'm mobile once again. this is good, as there are places i need to go and things i need to do, and occasionally i have to go and do them all by myself, so the ability to motor around - a good one i'm happy to have

so work is aiight, things coming along. i'd like to say they're coming along nicely but it's probably too soon to tell, or as some might pessimistically say, too late to tell. regardless, there is still some distance that needs to be put under our feet as a collective unit, and then i foresee brightness and goodness. i don't know why, but i just have this feeling that things are going to work out and the company is going to succeed in the end, and that will make all this worth it.

enough about work.

shouldn't blog about that stuff anyhow

if anybody knows of any decent synthesizers (midi or otherwise)

please forward that information to me somehow someway, thank you

just kickin it like wicket in the endor moon thicket

so call me charley bucket cos i got that golden ticket
slaydeMonkids: i went to bed at 5 AM slept till about 10

slaydeMonkids: chilled out for an hour or so then went to sleep and slept until 5 ot 6, woke up, went to sleep till aroun 9ish

and then, around 10 at night... i went out for burger king which is a 10 minute round trip, not a big deal, got pulled over while turning back onto my street after getting food, expired insurance, and my license is a MA one, and it has to be AZ so i got two tickets for those things, and then they took my license plate and told me my registration had to be changed to my new/current address - but no ticket for that.
i'm going to try to do most of it online tomorrow, but at the latest i have to get this done on tuesday, first get insurance, then go to the rmv and get a new az license and change my registration to my current address. bunch of crap but it's all dumb shit i forgot to do amidst some moderate confusion in my life - that's my story and i'm sticking to it. ultimately, i'll do it and it will be done, and if i have to pay some fines, i have back up cash for that so no worries there. how's it going? forward ceaselessly, as i always say.

that is all for now

good night

and to certain people

some who i think read this

others who probably don't

you are in my thoughts

strength and luck and good fortune
04 February 2007 @ 07:07 pm
okay people
if the people exist
so assuming they/you do
i say again,
okay people

here are my aspirations for the year, for the future
to save up, soon, to test-drive and buy some music gear
midi-synths and keyboards and drum machines and guitars
i need to get these things together soon or i never will
then hopefully all will go well
i've linked up with a girl who claims she can flow
i've asked for some written samples
i will meet her eventually for a live "audition"
she seems cool enough, and that means:
dorky enough; read: she raps about pop-tarts
perfect. except...
there's an age discrepancy
she is either 21 or 18 and i need to know which
durr obviously i'd want to know the truth
so yeah, if all goes well
then the project will be underway
and then the sky's the limit
since it's gonna take off like a rocket
that's the general idea anyway, for the project and the year
but wait
there's more
that was just
just the music
what about the
the writing?
the novels?
the graphic novellas?
what? what happened?
Mymsy Lafeyette and the Teeny Green Meanies
formerly Book 2 now Book 1
New And Improved Series
NeverLegend: Fabled
recreating High Fantasy
A Dark and Terrible Power
Post-Apocolyptic Distopian Anti-Hero Tale
and those will launch:
Sunken City Publications
with a website
lots of Websites
Clothing Line
Music Label
Publishing Firm
basically the internet is going to be a good resource
got to get the right people to help me manage it all
think i have it under control
and that's it
that's the plans
write the three manuscripts
write the music
oversee the creation of the websites
for the Music Label and Publishing Firm
for the Specific Projects themselves
put the information and energy out into the Universe
then wait and see what kind of reaction the Universe makes

anybody that has goodness to contribute
however wherever whenever
all positivity is welcome to the projects
i have high intentions for them
they're all potent potentials
so we'll just have to see

those are my plans, my aspirations, my dreams, my hopes
cross your fingers for me, okay? cos i could use the luck
ciao ciao for now now
07 January 2007 @ 12:49 pm
sometimes it feels like the universe is clicking into place, not in a particular way that's different than ever before, but it's like - the collected speed of the earth's spin, full blast whirling through space, effected however by the hurtling force of the earth's orbit - no people on earth feel that force despite its consistancy throughout daily life and life in general. imagine starting to feel that force all of a sudden, noticing it and its effects fresh, as if they'd never been visible before and now they're viewable in bold, italics, and underlined.

i've become distracting
sometimes people are so stupid it makes you want to puke
seriously, i don't know whether to laugh or be sick
i go to check an email address and i pull up my in box
there is a message from my ex, but the subject is actually "hi its __" her boyfriend. he proceeds to call me a fag and says to write back on a different email address and to "not pretend it doesn't bother" me.
i wasn't gonna write back
i really wasn't, i tried not to
but i did
so i bcc'd my ex and included his email at the top of mine and wrote back that he could be a tool if he wanted to but that he should just be a man, and stop being an immature little bitch, 6' whatever " tall waste of space, basically he can play basketball, watch football, beat people up, and i don't know what else he can do, but the fact that he would email me from her email address (aside from meaning that he's checking her email, which i don't know if she knows) is so stupid
seriously, what grade is he in?
i'm getting too old for this bullshit
i wish he'd leave me alone
i can't focus, i'm out
there was someone who was supposed to do something
in truth, they had other things too
some openly known
others assigned in secret
but one thing in particular this person had to do
and they didn't do it, sometimes saying they couldn't
personally i know that they could have
i refuse to believe that deep down they couldn't have done it
because the rub is me
i'm doing it now
what they were supposed to do
i do it
its easy
not the easiest thing in the world
but not as impossible as it'd been made out to be
so that's what i'm doing now
i'm happy to do it
so that's good

i'm looking for people who can help me
what i need to do is make an educated purchase
music gear - midi stuff, electric guitar fx, a synthesizer
also i am saving up to be able to actually buy the abovementioned
as i'm updating from home, my computer is working
right now i'm listening to The Streets which is a British rapper
also rockin in the stereo is Deltron 3030 and some mad tracks from the one and only villain MF DOOM. all of it is from my brother and its top notch stuff, everyone should check it all out

2007 is the year
this year
the one and only
time to do
do it
do shit
do work
do what you have to
do as you please

i love the graphic medium
who is a good comicbook and/or manga artist
or who knows one
hollar atcha guy yo

i have to laugh
as i write like i'm talking to someone
or someones, presumably
but it's completely plausible that nobody will read the words
and that's not a cry for comments cos frankly i don't care
of course there'll be the obligatory myspace bulletin but aside from that if people read it all they gotta do is, if they know the music or comic shit, hollar back yo, word up get down

um, erm, harry potter and the deathly hallows
what does it mean? i have no idea, just theories
and they're not even good theories

joystick mafia forever
dorquechic clique yo
i love making clubs and acronyms

so yeah
life is good
pretty satisfied
gonna make it better
catch yall later
album drops summer 07
wait for it...
it's gonna be the poopiest
i'm out like shout on a'stain
22 October 2006 @ 01:02 pm
i was watching public television today
it was a program about religion in society
basically caught the tail end
they finished up with a scene of the pope canonizing some people and as i watched the ceremony i wondered one thing and realized another...

i wondered: why does the pope and his peeps where green? what does the color green have to do with jc or the church? i'm only asking because i don't know, if somebody knows and wants to tell me, fantiddlitastic

i realized: all the popes i've ever seen have all looked exactly like one man, the same man for each, always the same man - but dressed differently. am i the only person who thinks the pope bears a striking physical resemblance to Emperor Palpatine aka Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious? just a thought

my chinese housemate and his friends speak loudly in chinese all night and day day long sometimes. i wonder what they're saying, i wonder if what could make them speak so energetically. i want them to just shut the eff up when it's four in the morning and they're cooking and being lough. not drunk, just loud

faith is important
18 October 2006 @ 10:39 pm
i feel like i've been through a lot
i know i'm not the only one
not even close, and it makes me think
life is ups and downs
actually i've been saying that to myself, and i think to other people to, all along for a little while now, but it really is coming out true. some days are brighter than others, what else can i say? does anybody even want me to say anything? well, anyway this is the forum right? this is where free people can congregate and trade information and news, learn about the world and history and teach each other and learn from one another, isn't that so? and a place where a person can voice the thoughts that are on their minds? well i have a mind, and it has thoughts, so here we go i guess, let's test'r out. yee haw

i want to know why the people who made Loos Change aren't locked up, working for the government, or dead. plain and simple. if they uncovered such a tremendous conspiracy as they say that they did, one that would sacrifice thousands of citizens to further its own gains, a highly preposterous idea i say, then why wouldn't that same evil nearly-omnipotent power destroy them and take control of what they've found, alter and warp Loose Change or make it disappear altogether? they could do it, so why not? they would have to do it, and if not, then how can the conspiracy exist? it would have to do it, but it doesn't seem to have done it and so i say bah.

i watched a film about income tax law that was very enlightening and also enraging at the same time. i was slightly put off and felt almost basically forced to drink beer to calm the rising anger that i felt

i'm still going to file my taxes

november is the month. writing time. 50K words
2007 is the year. time to do It, whatever It turns out to be that is, but defiinitely. 2007

i fear the future of the world. i really do
i wonder what will happen
habeus corpus
no illegal taxation
police state
should i even fear typing this entry?
i'm NOT trying to overthrow the government or insight any anti-American anything, i'm just speaking my fears
but anyway, we'll see

i digress

i'm doing okay people, just want everybody to know
not that necessarily any readers (if you DO exist) would actually care, or would be compelled to or even have to on any level - honestly, regardless, i am doing fabuloso al momento

life is... um, yeah. life is
14 October 2006 @ 11:56 pm
first - a retraction:

this site is not the official site for the Campaign
a special site for the Campaign will be designed and built in due course, but this is MY journal damn it, so understand that; there may be talk of Campaign-related issues and ideas, plausibility and ramblings, but this is not an official affiliate, no matter what anybody says

so... where was i? literally, where have i been?

arizona, tempe, house, bedroom, bathroom, work, scottsdale, the bar the bank the grocery store the gas station the cvs the restaurant the small artsy shop the coffee sharp and the friends house, and the movies

that about covers it

November is National Novel Writing Month
The Challenge is 50K words

i will use those words to fashion my stories, and then prep them for self-publication, build a website to market and sell the books, and then put them up on the site for print-on-demand purchase

i will buy a new electric guitar, an amp, fx pedal and a separate sequence-loop pedal; i will acquire a midi keyboard with a bank of synthesizer sounds and a midi drum bank; i will get an electric bass; by the end of January i will have the money to buy all of the music equipment that i want

i will rock my two music projects
i will pump out fiction and get it to the masses
i will save some money and write up plans for business
i will plan the End Result and find the Comrades

2007 is going to be the Year

end communique